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The Perfect Sweater for Winter

I have lived in the southern United States all of my life. Thankfully, the state I live in doesn’t usually experience much harsh, cold weather during the winter months; however, I do need to bundle up in something warm when heading outside from time to time. Oftentimes, I reach for my favorite sweater. The versatile sweater I’m referring to is a leopard print, cashmere cardigan. I absolutely love the way cashmere feels against my skin. I adore this soft sweater because I can wear it to the grocery store, to church, to the movies, or even to a holiday gathering. On this blog, I hope you will discover the winter clothing staples that look great with any type of outfit. Enjoy!


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A Sexy And Comfortable Bra To Wear Every Day

Looking sexy does not require that you wear a restrictive bra that contains a lot of sculpted features and embellishments. If you would like to purchase a comfortable bra that contains feminine accents and that is constructed of a flattering fabric type and color, learn more about the basic bras that the Natori Feathers clothing line includes. 

A Basic Bra With Style And Comfort In Mind

Some underwire bras or push up bras may seem a bit flashy for your taste. They may also contain hard wire, rhinestones, and other features that could make a bra feel uncomfortable or seem too flashy to wear during casual occasions. A poorly-constructed bra may eventually fray, causing underwire to come loose from the hemline and dig into the skin.

A Natori Feathers bra basic contains a soft shell and molded mesh outer covers. An elastic band that runs around the bottom of a garment will hold a bra in place, without cutting into the skin. Lace that is attached to various parts of a bra will add a hint of romanticism

Varying Colors And Some Considerations

A comfortable bra that does not contain padding can be worn under a t-shirt, a dress, or a tank top. If a sexy style and comfort are two bra attributes that you plan on indulging in each day, you may be inclined to purchase several undergarments that are each a different color.

If you decide to choose bras that are neon-colored or a dark shade, keep in mind that the shirt or dress that you wear with each bra should be somewhat darker in color. Reserve white, taupe, or grey bras to be worn with white t-shirts or thin fabric tops. The sizing chart that a seller furnishes will help you select a bra style and size that will fit you properly. Larger bra sizes may contain wider straps.

The wider straps will be designed to lay flat across the shoulders and back. Nylon, spandex, and polyester are common materials used to construct bras. These materials provide a bra with its stretch, shiny, and breathable properties. A bra manufacturer may recommend that undergarments are washed by hand.

A lingerie bag is a product that can be used to care for your new line of undergarments. Use this type of bag to store bras that need to be laundered. Next, place the bag into a basin that contains warm or cool water and laundry detergent. Rinse each bra after soaking it for a while.