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The Perfect Sweater for Winter

I have lived in the southern United States all of my life. Thankfully, the state I live in doesn’t usually experience much harsh, cold weather during the winter months; however, I do need to bundle up in something warm when heading outside from time to time. Oftentimes, I reach for my favorite sweater. The versatile sweater I’m referring to is a leopard print, cashmere cardigan. I absolutely love the way cashmere feels against my skin. I adore this soft sweater because I can wear it to the grocery store, to church, to the movies, or even to a holiday gathering. On this blog, I hope you will discover the winter clothing staples that look great with any type of outfit. Enjoy!


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3 Ways A Hooded Sun Protection Shirt Helps With Snow Shoveling

As colder weather arrives, many people will find themselves outside as they clear snow and shovel out cars. While staying warm is important, someone who spends a long time shoveling snow must consider other protective factors. While a hooded sun shirt may be considered ideal for summer, the outer-most layer adds a lot of protection through snowy seasons.

Learn why you should wear a men's hooded sun protection shirt when you shovel snow and how the shirt can become a staple in your winter gear collection.

1. Snow Glare Protection

If the sun comes out after a snowstorm, you will likely have to deal with a lot of snow glare. The sun will shine and reflect right off of fresh mounds of white snow. The UV rays could cause damage to your skin, even in frigid temperatures.

A hooded sun shirt features UV protection on your body and head. When you wear the hood over your head, you can protect your scalp and cheeks from the sun's glare. Pair the hood with a pair of sunglasses to offer extra protection. Some of the hoodies will feature drawstrings so you can make the hoodie fit tighter over your face as well.

2. Wind Protection

An extra layer from the sun protection shirt will also help protect from wind. As wind blows snow around, the snow can whip at you. The extra layer will help protect your body and the hood can add extra protection to your face. The protection will ensure you do not feel the cold and pain when snow gets blown towards you.

3. Moisture Protection

As you shovel snow, you are bound to get snow on you as you lift up piles and chunks into the air. The material used in a sun protection shirt specifically can help wick off moisture. Instead of soaking into the clothing, you can easily wipe snow off. Not only will you avoid extra wetness, but you can avoid the extra weight of soaked clothing.

Soaked clothes can make shoveling a lot harder and put more pressure on your body. With a protective shirt, you can shovel for longer without the extra weight and complete the shoveling job a lot faster. You do not need to worry about changing clothes or swapping out layers.

If you wear a lot of layers to shovel snow, then consider a larger-sized shirt that can easily fit over your other layers. The shirt can become your new go-to option any time you need to remove snow. For more information on a men's hooded sun shirt, contact a company near you.