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The Perfect Sweater for Winter

I have lived in the southern United States all of my life. Thankfully, the state I live in doesn’t usually experience much harsh, cold weather during the winter months; however, I do need to bundle up in something warm when heading outside from time to time. Oftentimes, I reach for my favorite sweater. The versatile sweater I’m referring to is a leopard print, cashmere cardigan. I absolutely love the way cashmere feels against my skin. I adore this soft sweater because I can wear it to the grocery store, to church, to the movies, or even to a holiday gathering. On this blog, I hope you will discover the winter clothing staples that look great with any type of outfit. Enjoy!



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Five Great Gifts For Someone Who Just Got A New Dog

Dogs are like family members to their owners, so getting a new dog is definitely something to celebrate. If a friend of yours recently got a new dog, giving them a small gift is a great way to show that you care. But what should you give them? Here are a few unique ideas to consider.

A Custom Dog Collar

Many dogs wear their normal collars day in and day out, so they tend to get worn and dirty. Your friend may therefore want a nice dog collar to use only on special occasions. A black fine leather dog collar engraved with your friend's dog's name is a great choice. You can also find leather collars with a metal plate upon which the name is engraved. You could include not only the dog's name in the engraving, but also the owner's name.

A Bowl Holder

Chances are, your friend already has food and water bowls for their dog. But they may not have a holder for those bowls. A wooden bowl holder into which both bowls can be placed is a greatly appreciated gift. Not only is it stylish, but it also keeps someone from kicking the bowls and spilling their contents. You could have the bowl holder engraved with the dog's name, too.

A Travel Bag

When your friend takes the dog somewhere, he or she will need to bring along basic supplies like poo bags, food, and toys. A travel bag into which these items can be packed will come in really handy. A duffel bag-style one works well because it is easy to carry. You can have your friend's initials and the dog's name printed on it. Perhaps you can even put a few extras in the bag—like treats and some dog toys.

A Gift Certificate to the Groomer

Visits to the groomer can add up quickly. Your friend will really appreciate a gift certificate to a grooming service in the local area. Even if they do not have a breed of dog that needs regular hair trims, they can put the gift certificate towards a shampoo or nail trim.

A Photo Album

These days, many people only have photos on their phones and computers. But your friend may enjoy having a physical keepsake related to the dog. Give them a photo album so they can print and keep some photos of their pet over the years.