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The Perfect Sweater for Winter

I have lived in the southern United States all of my life. Thankfully, the state I live in doesn’t usually experience much harsh, cold weather during the winter months; however, I do need to bundle up in something warm when heading outside from time to time. Oftentimes, I reach for my favorite sweater. The versatile sweater I’m referring to is a leopard print, cashmere cardigan. I absolutely love the way cashmere feels against my skin. I adore this soft sweater because I can wear it to the grocery store, to church, to the movies, or even to a holiday gathering. On this blog, I hope you will discover the winter clothing staples that look great with any type of outfit. Enjoy!


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Trying To Get Your Swimsuit Body On? 4 Steps That Will Have You Ready When Summer Returns

If you're trying to lose weight so you can get your swimsuit body ready for next summer, you've probably discovered that belly fat can be the most difficult to get rid of. If it seems as if nothing you try is working to eliminate those annoying fat deposits, there might be a few tricks you haven't tried yet. Here are four simple steps you should add to your weight loss arsenal.

Swim Like a Mermaid

If you haven't added water aerobics to your weight loss regimen, you should. Water aerobics is an easy, low-impact way to reduce your belly fat, without getting hot and sweaty. To rev up your water work-out, try adding a mermaid swim tail to your arsenal of workout equipment. The mermaid swim tail will give you a complete weight loss workout by targeting your abdominal muscles. As you move your mermaid tail through the water, you'll feel your stomach muscles tightening, which means you're getting a good workout.

Eat Some Watermelon

If you haven't had any success losing belly fat, you should add watermelon to your diet. Watermelon has very few calories, has a very high water content, and can help you maintain a feeling of fullness after eating. Not only that, but research shows that watermelon can help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, which will help if you've added workouts to your weight loss regimen.

Drink More Water

If you're not drinking enough water during the day, you could be undermining your weight loss efforts. Staying properly hydrated can help boost your metabolism, which means that your weight loss efforts will be more effective. For maximum benefits, make sure your water is ice cold. Your body will have to burn more calories trying to warm the water to body temperature.

Increase Your Calcium Intake

If you cut milk and dairy products out of your diet so you could lose belly fat, you might want to add it back. Research has found that foods rich in calcium can actually help you get rid of those fat deposits. In fact, the same research showed that consuming 100 milligrams of calcium provided a 1" loss in intra-abdominal fat loss.

If you're trying to lose weight before next summer, but the belly fat just doesn't want to leave, don't give up. By adding the simple steps provided here, you'll get rid of the weight and be ready for your new swimsuit in time to enjoy the summer sun.