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The Perfect Sweater for Winter

A Few Reasons You Should Buy Raw, Selvedge Denim Jeans Made In America

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Denim jeans have been around since the early 1800s when they were worn strictly as work clothes because of their durability. Since then, they have become mainstream attire for everyone. As the demand for denim pants increased, the manufacturers had to come up with a faster, less expensive way to make them. This meant the denim was made on larger looms and the edges were no longer finished, meaning they could easily fray. In addition, manufacturers started washing the denim to make it softer and give it an already worn look. The next time you are out shopping for denim jeans, consider going with raw, selvedge denim and enjoy the following benefits. Durability To have the selvedge edges, denim must be produced on a shuttle loom. This loom not only finishes the edges but creates a tighter weave. The denim will be more durable and last much longer than if it had been made on a projectile loom. Cost-Effective In general, raw, selvedge denim is going to cost more than other varieties. However, because the denim itself is more durable and will last longer, you will not have to buy new jeans as frequently. If a quality pair of jeans cost $200 and lasts you ten years, you are paying $20 per year. If you only pay $40 for a lesser-quality pair, and they only last you one year you are actually paying twice as much for the lesser-quality pants. Customized When you buy “distressed” jeans, they are faded and worn by machinery and will look like everyone else’s jeans. When you buy raw denim, it may take longer to have that “lived-in” look, but when it does it will be to your body. The little lines that form as you sit in them will fit to you. As they wear, they will become one of the most comfortable pair of pants you own. Low Maintenance Raw, selvedge denim jeans are easy to care for. Because of the durability, you will not have to repair them often. In addition, as long as they are not too smelly, a simple wipe down with a wet cloth is all that is needed. These jeans do not need to be laundered after every wear. If jeans are a regular part of your attire, you should consider always buying raw, selvedge denim jeans made in America. Not only will you be helping keep jobs here in the U.S., you will have pants that will look good, feel great, and last a long...

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The Top 2 Aspects Of Work Boots For Conservation Corps Members

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If you are about to join a conservation corps for the summer, then you will likely have to purchase a new pair of work boots to keep your feet safe while you work on trails and other public land projects. If you have little experience doing trail work, you may not know exactly what boots you need to purchase. Here are two of the most important things that you should look for in your boots that will help keep your feet comfortable all summer long.  Lasting Sole Attachment  There are two main ways that soles can be attached to a shoe. The cheapest and most common method is called cementing and involves gluing the sole to the body of the shoe with an adhesive. While this method will result in a more affordable boot, it will likely not stand up to the hard abuse boots take during trail work. Trail work often involves nudging small rocks into place with your toes or otherwise scraping the toe of your boots along the ground. Boots with cemented soles can often have issues with the toe of the sole separating from the body of the boot.  The second method of attachment involves stitching the sole of the boot to the body and is called welting. There are many forms of welting, the two most common being blake welting and goodyear welting. Blake welted boots can be less waterproof, making them less than ideal for wet areas. However, goodyear welting usually results in a solid sole attachment and potentially waterproof boot, making it one of your best options for trail work.  Full Ankle Support  If you usually wear sport shoes or dress shoes, then you may not be used to wearing a boot that offers full ankle support and you may be tempted to purchase a boot that only offers partial ankle support because you think it will be cooler during the hot summer months and lighter for long hikes. However, because you will be standing, stooping, and completing physical labor for long hours each day, it is important that you purchase a pair of boots that offer a high level of support.  Boots with ankle support will cover your ankle bone and be relatively stiff when you first purchase them. They may need some breaking in before you get started, so you may want to purchase them a few weeks before you start with your conservation corps.  If you are planning to work with a conservation corps this summer and haven’t purchased your footwear yet, start your search with these two features. To learn more, contact a company like White’s...

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Convenient And Fashionable Clothing And Accessories Designed For Diabetics

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A diagnosis of diabetes can be frightening and confusing. There are so many things to learn about proper diet, exercise and healthcare. During the discussion of medical equipment and prescriptions, it is easy to forget there are other items that can assist people by making them more comfortable, and healthier. Clothing, shoes and accessories are available for diabetics to help carry pumps, improve circulation and more. Protecting the Feet Socks Diabetic socks are one of the most important accessories people can purchase. The seamless socks are designed to fit snugly against the foot to prevent sagging and wrinkling that could cause irritation to the skin. The material is breathable and moisture wicking to keep feet dry and prevent infection if there is an injury to the foot. They are also made to be warmer than an average sock, to counteract the coldness many people experience due to reduced circulation. Cushioned diabetic socks for women help to reduce injuries to the bottom of the foot. Shoes Shoes that are appropriate for diabetics are available in a variety of styles. There is dress, casual and work-related footwear as well as slippers. Like the socks they are designed to fit snugly, and are made without seams that could irritate the skin. A padded sole protects the foot, while the design is made to allow orthotic insoles to be added, if needed. The roomy design prevents toes from being crowded. Many styles offer Velcro closures so they are easy to take on and off and can be adjusted as needed. Storing Insulin Pumps Undergarments Stylish boxers, bikinis and briefs are available, as well as bras, that have built-in pockets for storing an insulin pump. The bottoms are made to fit comfortably, and not sag once the pump is in place. The bras also have a built in pocket, typically along the band under the arm or tucked into the front near the shoulder. Pump Bands It is not necessary to replace all undergarments or wear specially designed clothing every day. Another option are pump bands. They can be bought to wear around the waist or thigh and come in a number of sizes, colors and patterns. Bands are available for men, women and children. The bands fit securely, so they can be worn at any time, even while exercising or engaging in sports. Having diabetes does not mean people want to give up on looking their best. Diabetic clothing is often indistinguishable from traditional garments, because the manufacturers have carefully designed the items to make them functional and trendy. They clothing can make daily life a little more convenient and comfortable for those who need them, and the footwear may improve health and safety as well.  ...

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Taking Fashion Cues From The Great Outdoors

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Spending time enjoying and exploring the outdoors is a big part of American culture. The US is full of scenic views, mountains, lakes, rivers, and beaches just waiting to be visited. With so much time spent exploring, it’s no surprise that fashion is influenced by the great outdoors. Spending time outside often requires specialized clothing. While outdoor clothing is usually utility orientated, it is often attractive too. This is why many women find themselves wearing clothes meant for outdoor activity even when they don’t have plans to be active outside. Work Boots Work boots have long been a staple for anyone who works outside. They are popular for anyone who spends a lot of time hiking or slugging through difficult terrain. What’s different now is that these boots have been migrating to the pavement of the city. Work boots work well with a surprising variety of outfits, including anything from cutoff shorts to leggings. They can also be worn with or without visible socks peeking out the top.  Celebrities have been spotted out and about in work boots, making this a big trend. Work boots are a great way to add an outdoor touch to a casual outfit.  Flannel Shirts What comes to many people’s minds when flannel shirts are brought up is rugged lumberjacks and outdoors men. So it may be surprising for some to find that flannel is becoming increasingly popular with city-dwelling women across the country. The main reason for flannel’s popularity? It’s both versatile and comfortable. Flannel shirts can be paired with slacks, shorts, tucked into a skirt, tied around the waist, and worn over a dress. Flannel is also available in different colors and patterns, which makes options endless for any outdoor style fashionista.  Twill And Canvas Jackets Texture plays a big role in outdoor fashion. The texture of certain fabrics really evokes the spirit of the outdoors. Twill and canvas are two materials that are commonly associated with outdoor living. These rugged fabrics are sturdy and hold up well to the elements. Twill and canvas are also two fabrics that pop up in fashion. Twill and canvas coats are another great way to get a rugged, outdoor look. These tough fabrics can bring an outdoor edge to almost any outfit.  Exploring the outdoors is a lifestyle all its own. While this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, elements of it have seeped into popular fashion. Work boots, flannel, and twill and canvas jackets are all popular items both in the city and in the great outdoors. For more information, contact Cowpokes or a similar...

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A Dream Come True: 3 Tips For Choosing Wedding Dresses That Complement Pear-Shaped Bodies

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Weddings are expensive, and most brides are more than willing to splurge on their wedding dresses, makeup, hair stylist, heels, and more. Wedding dresses are particularly expensive, thanks to the amount of detail put into the design and the quality of the fabric used. The average wedding dress cost $1,211 in 2013. Naturally, if you’re going to be spending that much money on a dress, you want to make sure it is perfectly tailored to your body and will enhance your body shape. There are many different types of body shapes. Those who have pear-shaped bodies tend to have a slim neck, narrow shoulders, a small waist, and a larger lower body. Here are 3 tips to consider when choosing wedding dresses that will complement pear-shaped bodies.  Draw Attention to the Neckline Women with pear-shaped bodies have gorgeous necklines and collar bones that they should draw attention to. Wedding dresses with scooped, v-necked or squared necklines are most ideal and will look the most flattering, as they draw attention upwards rather than downwards. Halter top and wide-set straps are also a good choice for those who would prefer a more conservative design and style. Just make sure that the shoulders and the neck are not covered up completely.  Balance the Proportions of the Upper Body with the Lower Body Pear-shaped bodies generally mean that the lower body is a bit heavier or larger than the upper body. This can be distracting. Brides looking to balance out the proportions should opt for wedding dresses with embellished tops and plain bottoms. The laces, ruffles and beads should be mostly concentrated at the top and slowly fade away near the waistline. Most brides are afraid to even try on wedding dresses with tops that stand out, as they’re concerned the dress may not look as elegant; however, this cannot be further from the truth.  Opt for Flared or A-line Wedding Dresses Flared gowns and A-line wedding dresses are also perfect for pear-shaped bodies, as they will conceal the lower half of the body. Brides with pear-shaped bodies should try on wedding dresses with layers of tulle stacked upon each other at the bottom. Ruffles are also flattering. These designs will give the wedding dresses a more traditional, princess look to them.  Conclusion Soon-to-be brides should start looking at wedding dresses months in advance in order to find one that speaks to them and one that flatters their body. There are plenty of different designs and styles available. Once the perfect wedding dress has been found, it will need to be custom tailored to the bride’s body. Contact a company like Bridal Extraordinaire for more...

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4 Little-Known Considerations To Help You Pick The Perfect Bikini

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Your bikini should make you feel beautiful and confident as you go to the beach, attend pool parties, or simply lounge in the sun in your own backyard. While you may sport your bikini for the world to see, you should really be buying it to please yourself. Before you hit the bikini shops for your next sensational swimsuit, ponder these considerations to empower yourself to buy the bikini that will best suit your needs! Less Is More (For Real) When it comes to buying a bikini, you will sometimes find that less is definitely more. You don’t need to cover up your body. It’s the one you have for life, and it should be celebrated. When you are looking at all the bathing suit options available in your size, don’t immediately discard the ones that are perhaps more revealing than you usually wear. At least try a couple on to see how you look and feel in them. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised. Mix It Up Consider buying three different bikini bottoms and three different bikini tops that are interchangeable. Whether they have similar colors, styles, or other characteristics, choosing bikini tops and bottoms that you can mix and match is a lot of fun. It also empowers you to create many different looks, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with one beach look all summer long. When you’re not wearing the same bikini beachwear every day, they’ll last longer and look new longer. Not All Tops are the Same Not all bikini tops are right for everyone. You may think that you need a padded bikini top to feel comfortable on the beach, but you may be surprised at how flattering a triangle top, halter top, bandeau, or tankini can be, too. On the other side, even women with fuller chests may enjoy a padded bikini top. Keep an open mind and give all types of bikini tops a chance before dismissing them. You Are Beach Body Ready Some women’s magazines seem to think it’s appropriate to scare women into fitting certain narrow ideals of beauty in order to deserve a visit to the beach in a bikini. Say what? No way! That doesn’t fly. Real women come in all shapes and sizes, and you are beach body ready as soon as you don your swimsuit. The only size that matters is choosing the right size in a bikini to make sure it fits your body. Finally, when it comes to bikinis and swimwear, remember that the most important aspect of wearing this wardrobe staple of summer is that it’s designed for fun. Embrace your body and your bikini, then step out in the sun with confidence and pride in who you are and the skin you are in. You are so worth it. To search for the right bikini, visit a bikini shop in your area or do an online...

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2 Tips To Help You Sell More Patriotic Shirts For Your Next Fundraiser

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Many private clubs and organizations rely on the money generated during fundraisers to pay for operating expenses. If you are in charge of your group’s fundraising activities, then selling patriotic T-shirts could be a beneficial way to raise the money needed to fund your group’s activities in the future. Here are two tips you can use to help you sell more patriotic T-shirts at your next fundraiser. 1. Offer T-shirts with a variety of patriotic messages. Rather than focusing on selling shirts that feature a single patriotic image, offer potential customers a variety of shirts to choose from. By having a diverse range of styles available, you will be able to appeal to customers of all age groups. According to studies conducted by the American National Election Study (which measures American’s political attitudes and behaviors), patriotism means different things for people from different age groups. Older American citizens are still deeply devoted to symbols of America like the flag or bald eagle, while younger Americans focus their patriotic efforts on democratic ideals like equality and opportunity instead. Offering shirts that feature both patriotic symbols and patriotic ideals will allow you to sell more shirts at your next fundraiser by targeting a wider demographic. 2. Plan to sell your patriotic T-shirts at events where patriotism is high. In order to reach the type of customers who will be willing to invest in patriotic T-shirts, you must set up your booth at events where patriotism is high. Some of the most effective events for increasing the sale of patriotic materials are sporting events. The inclusion of patriotism in sporting events is evidenced by the military flyovers, singing of the national anthem, and prominent display of patriotic symbols (like the American flag) that are included in many sporting events. If you are looking to increase the number of patriotic T-shirts your organization sells during its next fundraiser, partnering with a local sports team to offer shirts for sale at a sporting event can be a viable solution. You will have access to a captive audience that is predisposed toward patriotic tendencies, which makes it easier to complete sales transactions and generate the funds your organization needs. Planning a fundraiser can be difficult, but making the choice to sell patriotic T-shirts can eliminate some of the stress associated with fundraising activities. Sell more shirts in the future by offering a variety of patriotic designs and partnering with a local sports team to sell shirts at a sporting...

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The Best Natural Fabrics For Women’s Sweaters

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It is the time of year when warm, comfortable clothing is a must. Sweaters are a popular type of apparel that many women enjoy wearing every fall and winter. There are many different types of fabrics that are used in making sweaters. Natural fabrics often make much softer and more comfortable sweaters than synthetic fibers. These are some of the best types of natural fabrics for women’s sweaters. Sheep’s Wool  Sheep wool has been used for many years as one of the most popular fabrics for women’s sweaters. It is appreciated for the warmth and softness it provides. There are different types of sheep’s wool that is used for making sweaters. The type of wool that is used can determine how soft the sweater is against the skin. Some of the most common types of sheep’s wool that is used for sweater making include Shetland, Merino and Lambswool. While all these provide excellent warmth, Merino sheep’s wool is known for being the softest and smoothest typeof wool used for apparel. Cashmere  Cashmere is made from the hair of goats. This is considered one of the most luxurious types of fabrics for sweaters available on the market. Cashmere sweaters are warm, soft and extremely comfortable next to the skin.  However, cashmere sweaters are not usually heavy and bulky. They feel lightweight and keep you warm without making you feel overly wrapped up. Cashmere sweaters are a favorite cold weather clothing item for women all over the world. Silk Blends It is rare to ever find a sweater that is made of 100% silk. However, silk is often blended with wool, cotton or other fabrics to create the ideal material for women’s sweaters. Silk fabric is a very strong and durable fabric. It also holds in body heat even when the weather is frigidly cold. When silk is combined with other fabrics to make sweaters, the result is a soft, smooth piece of apparel that is ideal for wearing during both fall and winter. Natural fabrics are best for sweaters because they look, feel and wear even better than synthetic materials. Sweaters that are made of all natural fabrics are less likely to feel itchy when wearing them and often do not shrink as badly as some synthetic fabrics. However, always follow the laundering instructions of any fabric according to the labels to ensure the apparel stays in the best condition as long as possible. To learn more, contact a women’s boutique like Foxy Lady Siesta...

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