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The Perfect Sweater for Winter

3 Tips To Make Your Trip To The Laundromat More Efficient

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Going to the laundromat probably isn’t your idea of a great Saturday, but having clean clothes is a nice thing. So, when you go to the laundromat, you want to be able to get everything cleaned and washed as soon as possible so that you can get home again as soon as possible.  Use Lingerie Bags There are small mesh lingerie bags that you can use while you are doing laundry. They are designed specifically to go into the washer and dryer. Generally, they are used for things like bras, but you can use them for all kind of things. For example, if you are worried about losing socks, you can wash your socks in one of these bags. Just put your socks in one after you are done wearing them and then when it comes time to go to the laundromat, you can just toss your bag of socks, underwear, bras, or other little things that could get lost in the laundry straight into the basket. It can make it easier on the other end, you won’t have to worry about doing things like finding socks to match, they are all right in the bag.  Pre-Sort Your laundry is going to be better if you sort colors from white and things that have to be washed in cold water from things that have to be washed in warmer water. You don’t want to stand in front of all the washers sorting. So, spend a few minutes at home sorting out your clothes. Put each category into its own bag. That way you know when you grab that bag, you know what the clothes in the bag require. It may seem like you are going to be carrying in a lot of bags, but your clothes will look better in the long run.  Pre-Treat If your clothes have any kind of stain on them, you want to make sure that you are going to be able to get all those stains out. That includes pre-treating. You can use a pre-treatment stick. Those sticks generally have no problem with being on the clothes for a few days. So, if you are able to pre-treat the clothes when you take them off, that’s good, but that’s not always possible. While you are sorting, you can take the time to pre-treat the clothes too. That way you don’t have to go through each individual article of clothing in front of the washer.  While going to a local laundromat, such as City Laundry, doesn’t seem like a great way to spend your Saturday night, there is the benefit of getting all your clothes washed and dried at once. Making sure that you are doing things that will make the process easier is always...

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Fashion Tips For Tall Men

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If you’re a tall man, finding clothes that fit your body correctly can be difficult. In fact, depending on your height, you may need to shop at a tall men’s clothing store specifically. While it isn’t difficult to find a tall men’s clothing store in most populated areas or online, it can still be difficult to find clothing that fits your body properly. And you probably don’t want to purchase several pairs of pants that are long enough to work for your height, but way too big in the waist. So before you start shopping, check out these fashion tips designed specifically for tall men. Scale Down the Print When you’re taller than average, you should purchase clothes with small-patterned prints instead of large-patterned prints. Unfortunately, your tall size makes a printed pattern stand out so much that larger prints can become overwhelming to the eyes. Also, choose slimmer stripes whenever possible. If you want to show off your fabulous sense of style, you don’t need large prints anyways. Instead, try mixing and matching different prints in complementary colors to create a unique, stylish look. Camouflage Sleeve Length You don’t need to dismiss a shirt or jacket that you love just because the sleeves are too short. Instead, layer the article of clothing over top of a piece of clothing with longer shirt sleeves. For example, if you have a jean jacket with sleeves that are a bit too short, put a long-sleeve shirt with sleeves that are the proper length under it. Then, unbutton the jacket cuffs and slightly roll the bottom of the sleeve to expose your shirt sleeve. This way, people won’t notice that the sleeves were too short. They’ll assume that it’s just the way you typically wear your jackets. Use Layers to Your Advantage Layering your clothes can also hide the fact that a shirt or jacket you’re wearing is a bit short in the torso. For example, if you have a jacket that’s a bit short, layer a longer shirt or a button-up shirt underneath so to draw people’s eyes away from the jacket length. If you want, you can even wear multiple layers to create a look that you love. For example, put on a button-up shirt and tie. Then, add a sweater that’s a bit too short. Finally, layer a jacket over the sweater to pull the entire look together and draw attention away from the length of the sweater. When you’re a man that’s taller than average, it isn’t always going to be easy to find clothing that fits properly. So take the time to shop at a tall man’s clothing store like Frank’s Big & Tall Men’s Shop whenever possible and get creative with articles of clothing that are just slightly too...

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Trying To Get Your Swimsuit Body On? 4 Steps That Will Have You Ready When Summer Returns

Posted by on Sep 15, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Trying To Get Your Swimsuit Body On? 4 Steps That Will Have You Ready When Summer Returns

If you’re trying to lose weight so you can get your swimsuit body ready for next summer, you’ve probably discovered that belly fat can be the most difficult to get rid of. If it seems as if nothing you try is working to eliminate those annoying fat deposits, there might be a few tricks you haven’t tried yet. Here are four simple steps you should add to your weight loss arsenal. Swim Like a Mermaid If you haven’t added water aerobics to your weight loss regimen, you should. Water aerobics is an easy, low-impact way to reduce your belly fat, without getting hot and sweaty. To rev up your water work-out, try adding a mermaid swim tail to your arsenal of workout equipment. The mermaid swim tail will give you a complete weight loss workout by targeting your abdominal muscles. As you move your mermaid tail through the water, you’ll feel your stomach muscles tightening, which means you’re getting a good workout. Eat Some Watermelon If you haven’t had any success losing belly fat, you should add watermelon to your diet. Watermelon has very few calories, has a very high water content, and can help you maintain a feeling of fullness after eating. Not only that, but research shows that watermelon can help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, which will help if you’ve added workouts to your weight loss regimen. Drink More Water If you’re not drinking enough water during the day, you could be undermining your weight loss efforts. Staying properly hydrated can help boost your metabolism, which means that your weight loss efforts will be more effective. For maximum benefits, make sure your water is ice cold. Your body will have to burn more calories trying to warm the water to body temperature. Increase Your Calcium Intake If you cut milk and dairy products out of your diet so you could lose belly fat, you might want to add it back. Research has found that foods rich in calcium can actually help you get rid of those fat deposits. In fact, the same research showed that consuming 100 milligrams of calcium provided a 1″ loss in intra-abdominal fat loss. If you’re trying to lose weight before next summer, but the belly fat just doesn’t want to leave, don’t give up. By adding the simple steps provided here, you’ll get rid of the weight and be ready for your new swimsuit in time to enjoy the summer...

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Tips For Choosing Clothing To Wear To The Gym

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If you have just started going to the gym, you might notice that you are running out of clothing that you’re willing to get sweaty much more quickly than you were before. This can either be resolved by doing more laundry or by purchasing more clothing. Here are some tips for choosing clothes to wear to the gym if you decide to go the latter route. 1. Consider Your Movements Your primary desire when choosing gym clothing is to make sure that you are able to move around without having to worry about whether or not certain items are showing that you don’t necessarily want to be showing. This can be a frustrating dance between finding clothing that is loose enough to allow you to move around freely and keep everything that you want to keep covered covered and not having clothing that is so baggy that you get weights and other items snagged on it. Before you buy clothing for the gym, make sure that you take your movements into consideration. If you usually jog, make sure that the shorts that you purchase don’t ride up and cause you to feel the burn of chub rub on your thighs. If you are doing a lot of quick movements and are jumping up from the floor, you might want to get something more form fitting so that the extra cloth doesn’t get in your way. Practice doing the movements you’d normally do in the dressing room in order to make sure that you are going to be comfortable. 2. Be Willing to Add Light Layers Suppose you found an awesome tank top that would help motivate you to work out but it goes down too low and shows your bra, which makes you feel uncomfortable. Modify your outfit by simply taking a light layer, such as a camisole, and putting it under your tank. The bonus of this move is that the camisole will also soak up some of your sweat before it hits the outer layer. 3. Choose Moisture-Wicking Fabric If you can find it, try to choose fabric that is described as moisture-wicking. This fabric is designed to remove the sweat from your body and help you feel cooler and more comfortable. This could help motivate you to work out for a longer period of time and therefore make greater gains. For more information, talk to a company such as Wicked Custom Apparel that specializes in barre tanks and other workout...

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Keeping Your Vintage Furs In Good Shape

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When you have vintage furs, whether you inherited them from a long-lost relative or you purchased them at a vintage clothing store, you may wonder what you can and should be doing to keep those furs in the best possible condition. Real fur caps, coats, and other accessories or articles of clothing require maintenance and care that is different from other types of clothing. However, once you get into the routine of taking care of them, it can be a relatively easy process. Get to know some of the ways that you can keep your vintage furs in good shape so that you can get started right away. Keep Them Out Of The Heat As Much As Possible Heat is not a friend your fur garments. You want to keep and store them in an environment that is nice and cool, if possible. Heat can cause damage to the furs in a few ways. If it is dry heat, like the kind that comes from a heating vent, then the furs (namely the hides) will get dried out and may crack or break. Damp heat, such as the type that comes with summer heat and humidity, can cause the fur to develop problems with mold and mildew. As such, you want a cool and dry place to keep your furs. However, make sure that air vents are not blowing directly on them. This will give your furs the best chance of staying safe and in good shape. Give Them Space Crowding is another problem you want to avoid with your vintage furs. If you shove all of your fur items into a small closet or space, they will not have room to air out and breath. This can encourage mold and mildew if the furs get damp, as well as give potential pest infestations a more desirable environment to take up residence. Of course, this can also simply smash down the furs giving them an odd shape and aesthetic look. Make sure you store your furs in an area where they can hang without coming into direct contact with other items. This will allow them to maintain their shape and to get the space they need to prevent infestations and damage. And because furs need space to breath, do not cover them in plastic bags, this too can cause problems with the quality and integrity of your vintage furs. Now that you know a few of the ways that you can keep your vintage furs in good shape, you can be sure that you are doing everything you can to take great care of your fur garments now and in the future. Contact a fur specialist, like those at A Furrier – David Appel Furs, for more...

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Tips For Finding A Laundromat That Suits Your Needs

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When you move to a new apartment that doesn’t have laundry facilities, one of your early priorities will be to identify a laundromat in the community that you can use. There might be multiple choices, but you shouldn’t necessarily just head to the closest facility and begin doing your laundry. It’s better to pay a brief visit to a couple laundromats, like Indian Village Laundromat, and see which one will best suit your needs. There are many different criteria that you can use to make this decision. Here are some things to look for. Presence Of An Attendant Some laundromats are not staffed by an attendant, which can mean that broken machines and other issues don’t necessarily get dealt with right away. It’s important to find a facility that has an attendant on duty whenever the laundromat is open. This person is invaluable for making sure that the machines, including the change machine, are working properly and even solving small disputes between customers — such as stepping in when one customer is using too many of the machines at once. Safety Features Many reputable laundromats have features that are designed to keep their customers safe. Central to this concept is the use of security cameras. You should see multiple cameras mounted outside the facility and inside it. Additionally, look for a laundromat that is well lit — including in the parking lot. In many cases, you’ll be visiting to do your laundry in the evening after work, so you want to make sure that you feel completely safe from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. Machines With Card Readers It’s ideal to find a laundromat with modern features such as card readers for its machines. At such a facility, you can buy a designated swipe card that will operate the washing machines and dryers. You simply load the desired amount of money onto the card and can then use it until you need to add more money. This is more desirable to many people than having to make sure that you have several small bills whenever you need to get your laundry done. Empty Lint Traps It might seem simple, but checking the lint traps in several of the dryers is an effective way to evaluate a laundromat. While the occasional customer might not clean out the lint trap after use, the laundromat attendant should be on top of such duties. If you’re consistently seeing clean lint traps, it’s a sign that the facility is well maintained and that you’ll be unlikely to encounter problems with the...

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A Few Reasons You Should Buy Raw, Selvedge Denim Jeans Made In America

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Denim jeans have been around since the early 1800s when they were worn strictly as work clothes because of their durability. Since then, they have become mainstream attire for everyone. As the demand for denim pants increased, the manufacturers had to come up with a faster, less expensive way to make them. This meant the denim was made on larger looms and the edges were no longer finished, meaning they could easily fray. In addition, manufacturers started washing the denim to make it softer and give it an already worn look. The next time you are out shopping for denim jeans, consider going with raw, selvedge denim and enjoy the following benefits. Durability To have the selvedge edges, denim must be produced on a shuttle loom. This loom not only finishes the edges but creates a tighter weave. The denim will be more durable and last much longer than if it had been made on a projectile loom. Cost-Effective In general, raw, selvedge denim is going to cost more than other varieties. However, because the denim itself is more durable and will last longer, you will not have to buy new jeans as frequently. If a quality pair of jeans cost $200 and lasts you ten years, you are paying $20 per year. If you only pay $40 for a lesser-quality pair, and they only last you one year you are actually paying twice as much for the lesser-quality pants. Customized When you buy “distressed” jeans, they are faded and worn by machinery and will look like everyone else’s jeans. When you buy raw denim, it may take longer to have that “lived-in” look, but when it does it will be to your body. The little lines that form as you sit in them will fit to you. As they wear, they will become one of the most comfortable pair of pants you own. Low Maintenance Raw, selvedge denim jeans are easy to care for. Because of the durability, you will not have to repair them often. In addition, as long as they are not too smelly, a simple wipe down with a wet cloth is all that is needed. These jeans do not need to be laundered after every wear. If jeans are a regular part of your attire, you should consider always buying raw, selvedge denim jeans made in America. Not only will you be helping keep jobs here in the U.S., you will have pants that will look good, feel great, and last a long...

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The Top 2 Aspects Of Work Boots For Conservation Corps Members

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If you are about to join a conservation corps for the summer, then you will likely have to purchase a new pair of work boots to keep your feet safe while you work on trails and other public land projects. If you have little experience doing trail work, you may not know exactly what boots you need to purchase. Here are two of the most important things that you should look for in your boots that will help keep your feet comfortable all summer long.  Lasting Sole Attachment  There are two main ways that soles can be attached to a shoe. The cheapest and most common method is called cementing and involves gluing the sole to the body of the shoe with an adhesive. While this method will result in a more affordable boot, it will likely not stand up to the hard abuse boots take during trail work. Trail work often involves nudging small rocks into place with your toes or otherwise scraping the toe of your boots along the ground. Boots with cemented soles can often have issues with the toe of the sole separating from the body of the boot.  The second method of attachment involves stitching the sole of the boot to the body and is called welting. There are many forms of welting, the two most common being blake welting and goodyear welting. Blake welted boots can be less waterproof, making them less than ideal for wet areas. However, goodyear welting usually results in a solid sole attachment and potentially waterproof boot, making it one of your best options for trail work.  Full Ankle Support  If you usually wear sport shoes or dress shoes, then you may not be used to wearing a boot that offers full ankle support and you may be tempted to purchase a boot that only offers partial ankle support because you think it will be cooler during the hot summer months and lighter for long hikes. However, because you will be standing, stooping, and completing physical labor for long hours each day, it is important that you purchase a pair of boots that offer a high level of support.  Boots with ankle support will cover your ankle bone and be relatively stiff when you first purchase them. They may need some breaking in before you get started, so you may want to purchase them a few weeks before you start with your conservation corps.  If you are planning to work with a conservation corps this summer and haven’t purchased your footwear yet, start your search with these two features. To learn more, contact a company like White’s...

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Convenient And Fashionable Clothing And Accessories Designed For Diabetics

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A diagnosis of diabetes can be frightening and confusing. There are so many things to learn about proper diet, exercise and healthcare. During the discussion of medical equipment and prescriptions, it is easy to forget there are other items that can assist people by making them more comfortable, and healthier. Clothing, shoes and accessories are available for diabetics to help carry pumps, improve circulation and more. Protecting the Feet Socks Diabetic socks are one of the most important accessories people can purchase. The seamless socks are designed to fit snugly against the foot to prevent sagging and wrinkling that could cause irritation to the skin. The material is breathable and moisture wicking to keep feet dry and prevent infection if there is an injury to the foot. They are also made to be warmer than an average sock, to counteract the coldness many people experience due to reduced circulation. Cushioned diabetic socks for women help to reduce injuries to the bottom of the foot. Shoes Shoes that are appropriate for diabetics are available in a variety of styles. There is dress, casual and work-related footwear as well as slippers. Like the socks they are designed to fit snugly, and are made without seams that could irritate the skin. A padded sole protects the foot, while the design is made to allow orthotic insoles to be added, if needed. The roomy design prevents toes from being crowded. Many styles offer Velcro closures so they are easy to take on and off and can be adjusted as needed. Storing Insulin Pumps Undergarments Stylish boxers, bikinis and briefs are available, as well as bras, that have built-in pockets for storing an insulin pump. The bottoms are made to fit comfortably, and not sag once the pump is in place. The bras also have a built in pocket, typically along the band under the arm or tucked into the front near the shoulder. Pump Bands It is not necessary to replace all undergarments or wear specially designed clothing every day. Another option are pump bands. They can be bought to wear around the waist or thigh and come in a number of sizes, colors and patterns. Bands are available for men, women and children. The bands fit securely, so they can be worn at any time, even while exercising or engaging in sports. Having diabetes does not mean people want to give up on looking their best. Diabetic clothing is often indistinguishable from traditional garments, because the manufacturers have carefully designed the items to make them functional and trendy. They clothing can make daily life a little more convenient and comfortable for those who need them, and the footwear may improve health and safety as well.  ...

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Taking Fashion Cues From The Great Outdoors

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Spending time enjoying and exploring the outdoors is a big part of American culture. The US is full of scenic views, mountains, lakes, rivers, and beaches just waiting to be visited. With so much time spent exploring, it’s no surprise that fashion is influenced by the great outdoors. Spending time outside often requires specialized clothing. While outdoor clothing is usually utility orientated, it is often attractive too. This is why many women find themselves wearing clothes meant for outdoor activity even when they don’t have plans to be active outside. Work Boots Work boots have long been a staple for anyone who works outside. They are popular for anyone who spends a lot of time hiking or slugging through difficult terrain. What’s different now is that these boots have been migrating to the pavement of the city. Work boots work well with a surprising variety of outfits, including anything from cutoff shorts to leggings. They can also be worn with or without visible socks peeking out the top.  Celebrities have been spotted out and about in work boots, making this a big trend. Work boots are a great way to add an outdoor touch to a casual outfit.  Flannel Shirts What comes to many people’s minds when flannel shirts are brought up is rugged lumberjacks and outdoors men. So it may be surprising for some to find that flannel is becoming increasingly popular with city-dwelling women across the country. The main reason for flannel’s popularity? It’s both versatile and comfortable. Flannel shirts can be paired with slacks, shorts, tucked into a skirt, tied around the waist, and worn over a dress. Flannel is also available in different colors and patterns, which makes options endless for any outdoor style fashionista.  Twill And Canvas Jackets Texture plays a big role in outdoor fashion. The texture of certain fabrics really evokes the spirit of the outdoors. Twill and canvas are two materials that are commonly associated with outdoor living. These rugged fabrics are sturdy and hold up well to the elements. Twill and canvas are also two fabrics that pop up in fashion. Twill and canvas coats are another great way to get a rugged, outdoor look. These tough fabrics can bring an outdoor edge to almost any outfit.  Exploring the outdoors is a lifestyle all its own. While this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, elements of it have seeped into popular fashion. Work boots, flannel, and twill and canvas jackets are all popular items both in the city and in the great outdoors. For more information, contact Cowpokes or a similar...

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